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Loan Against Property

Avail Loan Against Property

Loan against Property (LAPs) is exactly what the name implies – a loan is offered by banks against the mortgage of individual's freehold property either residential or commercial. The loan is offered as a certain percentage of the property's market value, usually around 40% to 60%.These loans are most sought after option compared to that of personal loans or gold loans in Indian Market. These loans are considered a best option when somebody requires money for wedding preparations, finance business, or in case of financial crisis.

Loan Against Property Overview

Whether your property is a residential house or commercial land, Loan Against Property from will ensure maximum finance, taking care of your unique needs as either a salaried or self-employed individual.

Features of Loan Against Property:

  • It is a secured loan which means it is offered only when you keep freehold residential property with the bank as security.
  • These are long-tenure loans and repayment periods can be anything from 10 years to 15 years.
  • Banks also bill the applicant for the administrative charges incurred when processing the application and its processing fee.
  • Flexibility of loan tenure.
  • Longer tenure, smaller EMIs.
  • Easy and hassle free documentation.
  • Simple repayments through monthly installments.
  • The minimum amount for which the loan is offered is Rs. 100,000.

Business Loan

Low Business Loan Interest Rate With

Now, What is Business Loan? Business Loan is simply the money lended or provided by the Banks or Finance Companies to SMEs for their growth and fruitful expansion.SMEs are Small and Medium Enterprises or also termed as SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses) and We at, vows to provide best services to our customers at competitive rate in availing the SME/Business Loan.

Business Loan Overview

Business loans from are designed to let you reach your goals in hassle free manner. We offer small and medium enterprises loans that are perfectly suited to your requirements and financial quotient. Whether you are looking to boost capital for an existing business project or an expansion plan, we make it happen for you through our Business loans.

Features of Business Loan:

  • Flexibility of loan tenure.
  • Easy repayment option by way of simple EMIs.
  • Higher loan tenure to suit your capital expenditure requirements.
  • Higher Loan eligibility.
  • Loans up to 80% of property value.
  • Wide range of acceptable collaterals.

Home Loans

Home Loans At

Home Loan as the name implies is a loan taken for the purpose related to Home i.e it can be purchase of a new home, land for constructing home, renovating existing home, construction of floors of an existing home, transferring already existing home loan.

Home Loan is regarded as secured loan as the lender i.e Bank considers Home as a collateral while offering the loan amount. It is generally given for a longer duration compared to other loan types because the amount borrowed is usually higher and requires a longer repayment plan.

Home Loan Overview

Buying a home is always a dream for all rather a biggest achievement. There are lots of planning and hopes related to that however, now-a-days buying home is very costly. So there are wide varieties of home loans also known as housing loans available.

Why Apply for a Home Loan at

  • Rate of Interest is low: We provide with the lowest rate of interest among all other banks.
  • Crystal Clarity: No misguidance rather help to take a right decision with a crystal clear information.
  • Confidentiality: There is no sharing of the application only the lender can share that.

How can one get home loans from

It is a very simple process just need to do the following things:

  • Fill up the home loan eligibility form.
  • After the lender receives the form, will contact back within 24 hrs.
  • However one will also be updated through by email or sms alerts.

Personal Loan

Apply For Personal Loan With Low Rate Of Interest

Personal Loan is a loan (amount borrowed from banks, etc) taken by an individual for his or her personal needs such as for repairing or renovating home, going for vacation with family or friends, for funding marriage expenses, etc.

Personal Loan is regarded as all purpose loan as it is not mandatory to use it for a specific purpose or cause. So, whenever there is a quick need of money, just contact UR Dhan Customer Care and apply for personal loan, we are happy to assist you in availing it.

Personal Loan Overview

Personal loans are a panacea for any urgent cash crunch. A medical emergency, funding a vacation, quick cash for marriage- whatever the need, personal loans are here to help. Banks in India are more than willing to give a personal loan to the right applicant. Personal loan is an unsecured loan, means we do not have to keep our personal belongings such as jewellery, home papers, etc as collateral to banks for availing it. It is totally based on individual's credit card payment history, payment of earlier loans on time, etc. Personal loan amount offered by bank is totally based on person's income either salary or business income and interest rate too is based on salary or income, amount being borrowed and other criteria. Personal Loan application gets approved within 48 hours of submitting the required documentation.

Why Apply for a Personal Loan at

  • Lowest Rate of Interest: There are tie-ups with all Bank and NBFC (Non Banking Financial Company) to get the lowest personal loan interest rate.
  • Transparency: Aimed at helping you make the right choice, we provide objective and transparent information about your loan options.
  • Privacy: Your application is sent only to the lender you choose, and is never shared with anyone else.

Benefits of Personal Loans

  • Loan can be taken for 5 years.
  • No collateral, security or guarantor requirements.
  • The amount of loan can vary from Rs. 100,000 up to Rs. 5,00,00000.
  • Least hassle for documentation and quick approvals. Easy EMI's.

Vehicle Loan

Attractive Vehicle Loan Rates With

Buying a dream Car, or buying a Car for your family now becomes easier with Car Loan or Car financing. To get hold of a Car, just apply for Car Loan at which lets you avail Car Loan with minimum interest rate.

Vehicle Loan Overview

Financing a Car comes handy when you do not have sufficient money to buy a Car in one go. So, you can ask Bank to provide that amount on behalf of you, in return of that bank keep hold of Car's ownership until repayment of borrowed amount with interest is completed. Buyer needs to provide some down payment along with Car Loan documentation to get hold of a Car from Car Company. Lender i.e Bank deducts Money with Interest from buyer's account on monthly basis to collect the money which has been borrowed, and this is termed as EMI.

Why Apply for a Vehicle Loan at ?

  • ROI (Rate of Interest): We provide with the best of car loans with lowest ROI.
  • Instant approval: We provide you with the instant e-approval as we have tie-ups with different financial institutes like HDFC, Axis bank, ICICI bank, etc.
  • Confidentiality: We help one to take a right decision without any hassle.

Features of Vehicle Loan

  • Flexibility of loan tenure.
  • Easy repayment option by way of simple EMI's.
  • Attractive interest rates on Vehicle Loans.
  • Vehicle Loans tenure from 1 year to 5 years.
  • LTV of upto 90% on select models.

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