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About Us

UR DHAN is a trade name of Montblanc Sterling Private Limited, a company established and managed by professionals (Company Secretaries, Lawyers, Chartered Accountants and MBA's) having more than 14 years of experience in Corporate Finance, Investment Banking, Loan, Corporate and Financial Laws, Insurance and Investment Sectors.

Our Vision

The vision of Montblanc Sterling Private Limited is to contribute its qualitative services in making India Financial Super Power by 2027. It is committed to render all sort of financial services to SMEs and Medium Size Corporates across all sectors (Manufactuing, Infrasturucte, Power, Telecommunication, Food. etc.,) in order to generate employment opportunities for youth in India.

Our Mission

1. To adhere fair and transparent practices in its operations.

2. To make 1000 members in Montblanc family by 2020 to render financial services.